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World Environment Day

World Environment Day is observed on 5 June every year.  On each World Environment Day, a separate organizer country is selected where the official ceremony is organized.  On this day, people all over the world are made aware to save nature and natural resources.



 World Environment Day was started due to the increasing pollution in the world and increasing global warming concerns.  There is also a concern for nature and a sense of protection against it.  The first World Environment Day was celebrated on 05 June 1974.


Theme and Purpose of World 

 Environment Day--


 Every year, on the occasion of World Environment Day, a topic is selected, according to which programs are organized in all countries.  The theme of World Environment Day 2020 is 'Biodiversity'.  Through this theme, the message is being given this time that biodiversity conservation and natural balance are very important for the survival of human life.  In order to maintain biodiversity, it is important for us to maintain the environment of our earth.


 The main purpose of this day is to make people aware of the safety of the environment and work for the environment. 

History of world environment day-

 In 1972, the United Nations General Assembly on the subject of human environment was organized by the United Nations.  During this discussion, World Environment Day was also suggested and two years later, it was started celebrating from 05 June 1974.  In 1987, suggestions for changing its center came out and since then different countries are chosen for its organization.  More than 143 countries take part in it every year and many government, social and business people talk about the protection of the environment, problems etc

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Virus Protection CVirus Protection Clothing- Essential for the Battle against COVID-19 CORONA

In a growing pandemic such as the COVID-19, the significant use of virus protection clothing can never be stressed enough. Protective clothing is particularly important for healthcare workers who put their lives at risk while in close proximity to infected patients.

Millions around the world are scrambling to comprehend and tackle the new coronavirus, which emerged in China during early December 2019. The virus, which has been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, has attacked every country on the planet and caused the death of millions across the world. While most of the countries are under complete lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease, this deadly virus has wreaked havoc on several countries such as China, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

The novel coronavirus, which is deadlier than the seasonal flu, is highly transmissible and has devastating effects. As the virus spreads quickly from one person to another in a contained environment, there are several methods to slow down the spread of the disease. Social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing facemasks, and virus protection clothing can limit the spread of the disease to an extent.

Why Virus Protection Clothing is Essential for Healthcare Workers?

One of the most depressing facts about the novel coronavirus is that a person can spread the disease even before the symptoms appear. This explains why it is extremely difficult to contain the virus at an early stage as asymptomatic people keep spreading the disease even without being aware of it.

As healthcare workers are the first line of defense, it is important for them to wear virus protection clothing as it acts as a barrier against the disease and prevents the person from being infected. The use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is essential to fight the battle of COVID-19. Equipments such as facemasks, disposable gowns, disposable gloves, and eye protection are essential for healthcare workers as they interact with infected people round the clock.

The use and significance of protective clothing can seldom be stressed enough due to the innate ability of the virus to spread quickly from person to person and from inanimate objects. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus becomes airborne and it remains suspended in the air for about 20 minutes or more, posing a dangerous threat to people in the vicinity. This is exactly the reason why the CDC recommends the use of protective clothing by healthcare workers, which include doctors and nurses, as they are at the risk of contracting the virus quickly. The proper use of protective clothing and equipments will help to deter the spread of novel coronavirus
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It is pertinent for people in the healthcare sector to use virus protection clothing and other equipment to protect them from being infected by the deadly disease. More thousands of healthcare workers across the world have fallen ill due to coronavirus pandemic and many are forced into quarantine due to the lack or shortage of proper PPE.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Corona Virus

People may be sick with the virus for 1 to 14 days before developing symptoms. The most common symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment.
More rarely, the disease can be serious and even fatal. Older people, and people with other medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), may be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill.


People may experience:
·       cough
·       fever
·       tiredness
·       difficulty breathing (severe cases)

·       STAYhome
·       KEEPa safe distance
·       COVERyour cough
·       SICK?Call the helpline

·      Do
·       Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub
·       Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze
·       Avoid close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people who are unwell
·       Stay home and self-isolate from others in the household if you feel unwell
·      Don't
·       Touch your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean

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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Earn Money From Home,Work From Home

earn money from home packing envelopes is already become popular.  Approximately 15 million Indians work from partially or exclusively in their own office from home. An online surv...
In India, earn money from home packing envelopes is already become popular.  Approximately 15 million Indians work from partially or exclusively in their own office from home. An online survey conducted by the career portal Monster suggests the same.  Many recognized the countless opportunities and benefits of earn money from home packing envelopes and give to their original job for a telecommuting or switch to one of independence.
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

When asked “Would you like to work from home?” 82 percent of participants answered "yes".  Only one in six would be strictly separated from employment and home ownership. 

     More than a third of respondents would like to relocate the work to home when it presents itself.  Another third is even expressed a desire to establish a permanent home office.

Interest in working from home is particularly high among families with younger children or severely disabled.  The advantages are clear. The jobs are often associated with the central operating facility by means of electronic communication. 
Working from home offers many advantages.

The benefits for employees are mainly the ability to reconcile work, family and leisure as well as the increased responsibility and independence.  There is greater flexibility in time management and work organization.

 It also promotes independent work and creativity enhanced performance through a more peaceful work atmosphere.  Moreover, is irritating that the travel times to account for job and also a possible dress code.

Various possibilities in earn money from home packing envelopes:
•    Data capture, text capture, text processing
•    Phone Support (Telemarketing)
•    Production of statistics
•    Research
•    Translation activities
•    Website Creation and Optimization
•    Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing

 Prerequisites for working from home:
 As a telecommuter, you must have adequate spatial relationships and have the opportunity to work undisturbed.  You may need to provide all the necessary technical equipment not only themselves, but it also can handle very well.

The advantages of working from home are in effect the same advantages as the self itself.  But workers can also benefit.  In addition to social prestige and higher salary and good success, you have cool benefits:
•    You are the boss
•    You can decide when you get up and go to bed.
•    Your work hours are flexible.
•    More peace
•    More efficiency
•    No colleagues
•    Ways to work
•    Higher motivation
•    Perception of appointments
•    No suits
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•    Less stress
•    Nice work
•    Tax savings
•    More control

Monday, 23 December 2019

Top Social Media Sites for Your Business to Stand Out

It doesn’t matter if you own a small company or a big one, you have to have a social media presence to connect with your customers, increase your brand visibility and not to mention, boost your sales.
With the help of social media, you can definitely take your business to the next level. But before you dive into social media marketing to reach your target audience or drive sales, it is important to identify which platform is going to be a suitable and profitable one for your business. For your convenience, we are shedding light on the top social media platforms.
a) Facebook
It’s no secret that Facebook is used by a million business owners to connect with their audience and to expand their business. Today, there are more than just a billion active users on Facebook, which makes it a widely used platform.
Whether your business goal is to build brand awareness or increase traffic and sale, it is safe to say that Facebook is the right place to share your stories and business updates with the right people at the right time. So, if you want to reach to a specific group of people, you should invest in Facebook ads. With the help of Facebook ads, you can deliver your content to your target market, which can drive people to take action. Moreover, you can use Facebook marketing tools to find out how successful your marketing campaign was.
b) Instagram
Instagram has proven to be a tremendously beneficial platform for the people who want to gain followers on their business profile through visual expressions. It is a platform that helps in expanding your business fast. So, make sure you make the most of its organic way of marketing to increase the reach of your page and posts.
This platform is an incredible opportunity for businesses which have no budget for advertising. But, in case, if you are not able to make the most of Instagram marketing, then you should consider trying influencer marketing.
c) YouTube
YouTube is another popular and widely used social media platform. It allows independent creators and different brands to upload their videos. Most of its users make the most of this platform to showcase their products and give detailed information about their brand through attractive, creative and interactive videos. Some brands even use this platform to optimize their videos in order to grow their organic views.
Google is its parent company, allows YouTube to access to Google’s advertising platforms. So, make sure you take advantage of YouTube advertising to grow your business. Even you can use this platform to answer the frequently asked questions in the form of a video. The best thing about this social media channel is that its streaming works smoothly. But, if video streaming is taking up most of your time, then make sure Internet Packages to access good internet service.
d) LinkedIn
LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the best platform to build a professional network. If you are a business owner who wants to target people with specific job titles or businesses, then LinkedIn will prove to be an effective platform for you!
In case, you are looking for people and brands to employ and collaborate with, LinkedIn is the right place to make useful connections and reach to your target audience in no time.
Now that you know about the most popular social media sites to grow your business, it’s time to take a look at how you can use these social media sites to achieve your desired results.
Create content that sells
It is pointless to use social media sites to boost your sales if you cannot create content that sells. Trying to create content that clearly tells your brand story can take your brand to a whole new level. Remember, with creative and interesting content, the audience is likely to engage.
Learn how Facebook and Instagram algorithm work
You need to learn how Facebook and Instagram algorithm work so that you can have an idea of the time your post appears in your user’s newsfeed. So, if you genuinely want your content to make an impact on your audience, it is important to understand the role of algorithms.
Focus on your customers
Social media marketing strategies only work when you focus on the public eye. Start noticing the likes and dislikes of your audience. This way, you will be able to post content that wins the attention of your customers. When you go out of your way to make your customers happy by fulfilling their needs, they are likely to support your business by recommending your products or services to their friends and family.
Stay up-to-date
SEO is something which has been changing continuously with passing time. The same is the case with social media marketing strategies. So, make sure that you stay up-to-date in order to make the most of these strategies to give your brand that extra push it needs.
Stay on top of the marketing game
Once a business starts generating enough revenue, most owners of the company would pay less attention to the marketing aspect or you’d notice that they post content on their social media accounts once in a blue moon. What they don’t realize is the fact that social media plays a crucial role in attracting a large number of customers and retaining the existing ones.
If your consumers don’t find helpful content on your social media platforms, they are likely to go to your competitors. So, make sure attention-grabbing content is posted regularly to maintain the customers you already have.
Ending note
All in all, using the right platforms and applying the most effective techniques will surely pave the way for your business’ success. SoDescription: Free Reprint Articles, make sure you set the marketing goals to make your business visible to the world.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Things You Need to Know Before Becoming an Ola or Uber Driver

There are a number of people who are in need of some extra income and the circumstances can be any. Such people can join the country’s largest on demand car hire service providing companies like Ola or Uber.

While the desire to earn money can be one main reason to get into a driver job in Mumbai, you certainly need to consider the other reasons before you make a head start. Most of them like to keep themselves occupied and this holds true with the retirees.
Mentioned below are the few things you certainly need to know before you become an Ola or an Uber driver and get yourself a driving job in OLA AND UBER
You might earn less than expected – You might have heard a number of success stories online, but the actual fact remains that Ola or Uber drivers earn a little less than expected. But, most of them do make a decent income that is sufficient to lead a happy life.
You can earn well by driving for either Uber or Ola – Before you get started with one company, you can check the rates offered by both the companies. You can choose the one which is more drivers friendly and offers better rates than its competitors.
Know all about the peak hours – A driver job in Navi Mumbai is not an easy task to accomplish. Getting behind the wheel can be stressful, especially during the peak hours. The peak hours are mostly during the high traffic times or when there is an event in the city.
Hard to make it your main source of income – If you have really high monthly expenses, you might find it hard to pull the show with the income you generate by working with Ola or Uber. Well, it again depends on how many hours you are willing to work.
You need to know your area – Mumbai as a city is quite big and if you wish to be a driver, you need to know the routes well. This not only saves time but will make your customers happy as well.
Maintain your car – Remember to keep your car clean and tidy at all times. You only get good ratings if you have a well cleaned and well maintained car.
Understand the job rigors – There are a number of drivers to find it hard to get off the driver’s seat at times due to back to back trips. Make sure you are prepared for the same.
You need to be a people’s person – A passenger always rates his/her experience that they have with the driver. So, if you are not a people’ person, you might not always get a good rating. Likewise, you might lose out on the rating if you are angry or if your attitude.
The above-mentioned are few things you need to keep in mind before opting for a driver job in Mumbai. If you feel you are prepared for the same, don’t give it a second thought, just take the plunge.

How to Get a Copy of Your College Diploma if You Lost It

Your education is very important. At the end of years of work, a diploma is a representation of all the hours of studying and effort.
If you lose your college diploma, it can feel like a huge deal. After all, it’s a very small piece of paper, and easy to misplace. If you’ve moved apartments or even emptied out an office or bedroom, it’s easy for it to go missing. 
And if you have lost your diploma? What should you do? It can be helpful to know how to get a copy of your college diploma in this distressing situation.

You’ll want to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Read on, and we’ll walk you through how to get a new copy of your all-important diploma.
Making Contact with Your College
You might not be excited to have to contact the administration at your old school. After all, the last thing you want to do after graduating is to look disorganized or messy. But you should know that missing diplomas are something your school is familiar with. They will probably be happy to help. 
Who do you talk to? The registrar’s office at your school is in charge of maintaining all records and official transcripts for both current and former students. That means if someone needs a diploma replaced, it would fall under their jurisdiction. If there’s anyone who will be able to assist you, it’s the people in this office.
The contact information for the office will likely be listed on the school’s website. You can also call the school’s main number and have the operator assist you. Even when speaking with the Registrar’s Office, you might need to ask and be connected with the employee who is in charge of diploma replacements. 
When you’ve finished speaking with someone, make sure to take down their name and number. This can help avoid confusion and headaches later on if you decide you want to check in on the status of your diploma. 
Rules Regarding Diploma Requests
There are a lot of rules regarding who can request a replacement diploma and how they need to request it. For one, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act has stipulated that student records are legally protected property. Only the student in question can access their own records.
Family and friends will not be permitted to access them for you. 
There might be different requirements for diploma replacement depending on what school you attended. Many schools actually require a written statement to be submitted. Some colleges will have a PDF form you can download, fill out, and send into them. 
In addition to the form, you will also need to provide a copy of your ID or license. This helps to eliminate the risk of identity theft. Many schools will also require additional information to be submitted. This info might include your birthday, social security number, the date of your graduation, and other details. 
Some schools will even request you send in a notarized statement explaining how your diploma was lost, just for their records. 
You might also have to put some money down in order to obtain a replacement diploma. The fee that many schools charge is intended to cover the costs of printing a new copy. Even then, this fee is often higher than many people assume.
If you’re planning on asking for a replacement diploma, you might want to set aside $20 to $150. That’s the standard price at most schools, but it might vary depending on where you attended and what kind of diploma you need help with. 
The Schedule for a Replacement Diploma
Getting a replacement diploma can take some time. If you need to have your diploma at a specific time, it will suit you to plan ahead and budget the proper waiting period.
You should expect it to take anywhere from five to seven weeks. Some schools might require even longer processing periods. 
If there is a set deadline that you NEED your diploma by, you might be able to work with your school’s registrar office. If pushed, they might agree to push you ahead or speed up the process. There is no guarantee, though, as these offices can get very busy once the school year begins. 
If you are in a rush to get a new copy of your diploma, you might need to look into alternative methods. 
Other Options for Your Diploma
Your diploma sometimes is an important part of a job application process. If you’re looking to get hired, take the next step in your education, or some other scenario? You might need to have a copy of your diploma on hand. 
If you’ve lost it, this can become very stressful.
Luckily, there are many other places and options that can help create a temporary diploma. These diploma copies aren’t official documents. But they can serve quite well as substitutes while you wait for the real thing to arrive in the mail. 
If you haven’t misplaced your diploma, you still might want to order a few back-up copies. That way, you know that if your diploma ever does go missing, you will always have something on hand you can rely on.   
How to Get a Copy of Your College Diploma
Losing your stuff is annoying. That is doubly true when it comes to something as important and valuable as your college diploma. Fortunately, this is something that you can fix. With the above information, you can how to get a copy of your college diploma with little effort.
Have more education questions? Check out our university business page for more.



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