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Sunday, 7 June 2020

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is observed on 5 June every year.  On each World Environment Day, a separate organizer country is selected where the official ceremony is organized.  On this day, people all over the world are made aware to save nature and natural resources.



 World Environment Day was started due to the increasing pollution in the world and increasing global warming concerns.  There is also a concern for nature and a sense of protection against it.  The first World Environment Day was celebrated on 05 June 1974.


Theme and Purpose of World 

 Environment Day--


 Every year, on the occasion of World Environment Day, a topic is selected, according to which programs are organized in all countries.  The theme of World Environment Day 2020 is 'Biodiversity'.  Through this theme, the message is being given this time that biodiversity conservation and natural balance are very important for the survival of human life.  In order to maintain biodiversity, it is important for us to maintain the environment of our earth.


 The main purpose of this day is to make people aware of the safety of the environment and work for the environment. 

History of world environment day-

 In 1972, the United Nations General Assembly on the subject of human environment was organized by the United Nations.  During this discussion, World Environment Day was also suggested and two years later, it was started celebrating from 05 June 1974.  In 1987, suggestions for changing its center came out and since then different countries are chosen for its organization.  More than 143 countries take part in it every year and many government, social and business people talk about the protection of the environment, problems etc



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